Learn4Life program provide distinctive learning path for academic excellence and intellectual growth. This is specially designed program for children who have either opted for Homeschooling path or exploring the existing opportunity of being a home schooler.

The child has the flexibility to follow IGCSE or NIOS board while pursuing other academic and non-academic interests.
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When Learn4life is the right choice?

If you are a travelling family

If your child is an high achiever

If your child needs custom learning path

If your child needs special attention

If your child is bullied at school

If your child needs an international exposure

If your child’s emotional & physical safety is your priority

If your child dreams of pursuing non-academic career

What will students get at Eggheads

Leadership Team

Prof. Parmeshwar P. Iyer
Director, Advisory Board

Professor Iyer is the ex-chairman of Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing(IPTel) at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, He has been a faculty at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, IIT Kharagpur and IIM Kozhikode, and Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, the University of Illinois USA and the University of California. Dr. Iyer has published and presented over 48 papers in International and National Journals and Conferences. Prof. Iyer is the recipient of several awards including the Silver Medal for General Proficiency from IIT Kharagpur; Harry G. and Harriett A. Wright Fellow of the University of Illinois; and the Escorts – ISAE Medal. His strongly believes that a good education paradigm is to “Make Learning Fun”, because children have an inquisitive mind that needs to be nurtured. Research helps in answering various questions and promotes good life-long learning.

Dr. Koushik Mukherjee
Director Advisory Board

Dr. Koushik Mukherjee holds a PhD in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. He carried out his postdoctoral studies in Chemistry & Materials Science at University of Massachusetts Medical School & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2009. He has been heading research and development in various companies like Procter & Gamble (Beijing), SteerLife and Novozymes South Asia. He has 10 publications in international journals; three US granted patents and six patent filings and has been a peer reviewer for international journals. He is a Member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square and Sigma Xi (MIT Chapter). He believes that the development of a research mindset is essential for the growth of the individual and the country.

Garima Shukla
Founder, Director

A financial professional turned education evangelist inspired by her own children, Garima Shukla founded EggHeads with the vision of inculcating self and experiential learning in K12 so as to make young people learners for life, so they could meet the biggest challenge of staying relevant with time. She has two decades of experience working in the stock market, banking and insurance industries. An innovator and constant learner herself, she conceptualised and delivered industry first high-octane projects. She believes simplicity is impactful.


This is the first year of my son in eggheads. He is happy attending his classes. Teachers and staffs support is excellent. Teachers give individual attention to every kid in the class. Which is vital. They are encouraging , supportive, kind to their students.and guide their students well in every manners.

Vinitha Narayan


It’s my son’s second year at eggheads .. I must say the best decision we made …. The attention they pay with each child is remarkable …. Also my son is enjoying the classes and looks forward every day. Thank you Eggheads

Mamatha K N


“I love taking up new challenges. I was thinking of making perfume from the Grass and I could actually do it at @ EggHeads. It was amazing! It is so much more fun than reading only text books”


Homeschooler, Eggheads

“The concept of eggheads is very good and children feel friendly with the teacher’s, the educational is also nice students are enjoying as well as learning. and the only suggestion from my side is just that remove schooling phobia from childhood.”

Satyam Patel


EggHeads program structure provides me opportunity to bring out best in children not only with respect to scientific thinking but also other 21st century learning skill like Self Learning, Grit, Imagination Collaboration and Problem Solving. ”


Researcher IISC, Mentor EggHeads

The primary reason I enrolled my son was to provide him with a structure to study. But at the same time I did not want it to be like a regular school otherwise the whole idea of homeschooling would be lost. I think EggHeads have been able to do that to a great extent, though there is always scope to do better, which I am sure will happen as we go ahead. One visible difference I see in my son is that now he tries to understand the concept and tries to do his own research(YouTube has become his 2nd teacher) if he wants to know more and importantly doesn’t hesitate to ask and questions if he has not understood something. Another important change I see is that he has started thinking and trying to find out the why/what/how of stuff he is interested in.


Homeschooler, Eggheads.
My son studies in Grade 5 with Eggheads. He was a montessory child and we were looking for a school that would make his concepts strong and help him study at his own pace. Egghead has been a blessing for us; from the comfort of home he gets the best education and best teachers. His teachers have all the patience, energy, love and happiness in the world and this transfers to students and the subjects they teach. The classes are so interactive and fun never feels like it is on a virtual platform. 
Thanks to Eggheads my kid takes his class from anywhere and anyplace…



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